Sorry :(

Hey Guys,


We are sorry to say that this blog is going to be deleted . . .

BUT WORRY NOT!!!! We discovered a different website for bogs called Weebly, you may have heard of it. We decided to start over this blog and give it a major makeover!

This blog will be deleted over the next couple of days.


Thankyou for reading this blog, enjoy our new one!

love fanaticcook, Heidi, Maggie and Dizzy

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One Direction

Vas happenin?

Ok.I know that you guys know who One Direction are but I am going tell you a bit about them.

There are 5 members of One Direction, Harry Styles,Niall Horan,Liam Payne,Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.They are a British nIrish boyband.Well One direction entered The British X-Factor in 2010 as solo acts but were put together as a band by Simon Cowell.They sang a heap of different songs(They sang them better than I’ve ever heard).They only placed third.But should of won the competition.


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Reality TV

Hey Guys

fanaticcook here, I am sure people would agree with me on this, I HATE REALITY TV!!!!!!!!!!

It is sooo cheesy and takes up way too much time. I hate the pauses:

And winner is . . . . . . . 5 minutes later . . . . . . . . . and we will back after this break!!!!

urgh!!!! It horrible do the producers think this will get them more viewers, personly I think it is horrible to contestants and the viewers. I don’t watch it anymore as it bores me and I always know whats going to happen. Here is a list of crappy reality TV shows:

I absolutely had to get this out of my system!




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Vas Happenin?

Vas Happenin?

Hi! Welcome to our new blog that the four of us (Heidi,Dizzy,Fanaticook and Maggie Moon) have decide to make. This blog will proably be full of the most random and silliest stuff you will find (except One Direction cause they are not random or silly.They are just amaZAYN. Oh, you will be hearing alot about 1D most likely. When we convince Heidi!)  but we hope you like it!

So we hope you enjoy reading this blog, as we will probably have alot of fun writing it! We’d like to make a SHOUT OUT to Heidi, as she created and came up with the idea of making this blog! Thanks Heidi, you are extraordinHARRY, phenomiNIALL, amaZAYN, brilLIAM and fabLOUIS!!!

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